Pet Hoodie

Turns from cuddly pet in to a soft hoodie

Your kids will stay warm and cozy the fun way with our Pet Hoodie. It can be also used as a pillow and a hug friend. It stores as a pet but opens up to an ultra-soft and super warm oversized hoodie. The pet folds magically into the hood and zips securely inside. Our Pet Hoodie is one size fits all, so it’s great for kids of any age! The Pet Hoodie comes in a variety of different pet friends to choose from and each with their own unique personality. It goes with your kids everywhere! Great for sleepovers and long car rides.

Pillow Sleeping Bag

Turns from cuddly pet pillow in to a soft comfortable sleeping bag

Our animal sleeping bags for kids are 2 in 1 multi-purpose sleeping bags and cushions. They can be used as a sleeping bag or a pillow and when folded, can be played with as a doll and be used as a sleeping bag with a structured pillow when spread. The sleeping bag can prevent kids from kicking the quilt and help them sleep well by bringing good quality and long enough sleep to your kid.

When transformed in to a pillow, it becomes the perfect companion for watching a movie, playing games, reading a book, sleepovers, camping or even playing in the garden!

Available in two sizes for maximum comfort, based on the age/height of the kid (135x52cm and 165x70cm).